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Stories for Schooled in Sports

Hundreds of Idaho Student-Athletes Miss Playing Time Due to Concussions
‘Tebow Bill’ Faces Opposition in Alabama, Support in Texas
Fla. Bill Would Allow Students to Substitute Computer Science for P.E.
Childhood Obesity Increasing in Children From Low Socioeconomic Backgrounds
Coordinated School Health Model Can Increase Students’ Physical Activity
Fotonovella Provides Information on Sports Injuries
Nutritionist Threatened for ‘Demonstrably False’ Statement About Energy Drinks
Children With Brain Injuries at Higher Risk of Depression, Study Finds
Camp Combines Sports and Math to Engage Students in Learning
Study Suggests Keeping Kids Active for Longer Stretches
District Accepts Grant to Expand Yoga Program
Students With Disabilities Can Skip Gym If They Play Sports
E-Games May Not Sway Youths’ Habitual Physical Activity
Physical Education Requirements Questioned for Student-Athletes
Postgame Team Prayers Banned at Michigan High School
Guidelines Focus on Effective Sports-Medicine Management for Youth-Athletes
Hazing Rituals in High School Sports Becoming More Sexually Violent
Court Rules Yoga Program ‘Not Religious’
‘Best Practice’ Policies Focus on Preventing Student-Athlete Deaths
Michelle Obama, Jimmy Fallon Celebrate 3rd Anniversary of Let’s Move!
Build Environments That Encourage Youth Activity, Experts Say
Girl Kicked Off Football Team Was Told She Might Distract Boys
New High School Sports Network Planned for Coming School Year
Middle School Basketball Player Claims Racial Harassment by Teammates
Educators Bike 150 Miles to Spotlight Need for Health and P.E. Programs
Title IX Complaint Filed Against D.C. Public Schools
Modest Weight Loss in Children Can Help With Obesity Later in Life
Sports-Philanthropy Partnership Looks to Bring Technology to Classrooms
National Bike to School Day Aims to Promote Health, Safer Routes
Physical Activity More Key to Children’s Health Than Cutting Seat Time
World Fit Gets Students Walking to Reverse Effects of Obesity
Educators Want Mandatory Health, Physical Education in Schools, Survey Finds
Adolescent Girls Report Dance Has Positive Influence
Coca-Cola Joins Anti-Obesity Discussion
Dance-Related Injuries Increasing Among Youth Dancers
Indicators Can Help Predict Possible Post-Concussion Symptoms in Youth Athletes
Rule Changes Address Safety, Communication in Scholastic Football and Soccer
Yoga Poses Problems for Some Calif. Parents
Kansas Wins Coaches’ Mentoring Challenge, Again
In Chicago, A Teachers’ Strike Could Threaten Fall Sports Season
High School Math Teacher: The ‘Wayne Gretzky of Lacrosse’
Recess Makes Return to Chicago Schools
District Aims to Raise $3 Million From Ads for Athletic Upgrades
What Drives Youth-Sports Participation? Survey Aims to Find Out
‘Coaches Challenge’ Aims to Recruit 10,000 New Mentors