List: My Top Books from 2018

If you read my previous post, I shared 18-ish moments that happened last year. Those were the most notable. On top of regular ol’ Life, I also read a lot of books. The most I’ve ever read, and the most fiction I’ve ever read. I also watched a good number of films but I’ll put…

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New Year, New Hopes, New Dreams

Today’s post was brought to you by The Daily Post photo challenge prompt: New

December 31 is generally the day we gear up for evening festivities—whether they be low key or all-out crazy—and come the stroke of midnight, a new year begins.

new day, new smell, new outlook on each and every day (tangentially related to the post you’re reading)

New year, new you. New year, new promises made to be broken. New year, new dreams and hopes of a better person. Continue reading →