Ride Report: 718C Micro Tour 4

Biking to a destination outside of NYC from NYC has its rewards. But first you must escape from New York.

On July 6-7, I went on another Micro Tour with the amazing shop crew of 718 Cyclery. At this point I’m 4/4 for these monthly weekend excursions. Has it been challenging? Hell yes, but I’m ecstatic about the adventures, learning how to pack my bike, and pushing myself on endurance and bike touring. Best of all, the ride leaders and crew have been nothing but amazing—a reason in itself to tickle your bike-camping fancy.

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Ride Report: 718c Micro Tour 2

I was going to sit out Micro Tour 2 and give my legs time to recover. A week out from the ride date, I succumbed to Joy and Happiness, and signed up for the ride. It was literally two weeks after MT1 to Rhinebeck. What am I doing with myself?

I’ve made a huge mistake. Again.

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