Other Projects

Parents Push for Services for Their Gifted Children—for Education Week on Storify

Gifted education programs are often a sticky issue, but parents are joining forces and putting pressure on district and state leaders to provide better, high-quality gifted education programs.

Get Going: Mapping Teachers’ Favorite Field Trip SpotsEducation Week Teacher

In an effort to provide teachers with an ongoing resource, Education Week Teacher has created a crowdsourced map of teachers’ favorite field trip locations. Teachers can see where other teachers are taking their students, get inspired, and even share their own favorite places by filling out the form below the map.

Flexing Parental Muscle—for Education Week on Storify

Parents are taking a more direct role in choices and decisions involving their children’s education, whether it’s through school choice vouchers, the use of “parent trigger” laws—or even outright protests.

Romney Unveils Education Agenda—for Education Week on Storify
Published June 2012

On May 23, 2012, GOP Presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Governor, Mitt Romney unveiled his education agenda at the Latino Coalition’s Annual Economic Summit in Washington. This is a collection of news, information and reaction to Romney’s plan.


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