A Trip Down Memory Lane: College Edition, Part 2

Previously: None of this is a good approach on how to go to college after high school. None of it. And this was only a sliver of the problems I experienced as an undergraduate, living thousands of miles away from the nearest family member, in a completely different time zone and country from immediate family.…

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Today Is Your Day!

Blue and white streamers crisscross along the wall of a school gym in East Harlem. White paper cloths cover tables. Cute graduation cap confetti dot the table tops. Plates and cups are neatly lined up. The decorations are sparse but what can you do when you’re on a limited budget? Besides, the decorations aren’t important. It’s the people attending that matter the most. Continue reading →

I’m Busy. But Not Really.

Last semester I found myself in a conversation (well, more like an argument) about “being busy” and its taken-for-granted effects in life. My upbringing in a culture that was constantly “go go go.” Failure signaled a laziness. Add to that my anxiety, and we have created a situation in which no doubletakes were taken on “busyness.”

It seemed normal. So… accurately descriptive of my being. Being busy was good. I really believed I was busy.
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Semester Recap: Exploring New Topics, Learning Methods

I told you the writing challenge wouldn’t last long.

The rush of the semester is over and I find myself with some time… or I should say I don’t have coursework taking up too much of my time right now which means revisiting the blog and developing the ol’ writing habit.

I’ve completed my third semester of grad school and it’s been a challenging one in terms of workload—something I had hoped for my first two years at the New School. Continue reading →