My Inner Voice: “This Is Awkward”

I went to a coloring bar at the Strand on July 21 as part of my journey of self-development. Alone. It felt somewhat awkward. I experienced some zen throughout the hour, but in the end, the zen may have been forced. There were a good number of young folks (under 25) at the coloring session. … Continue reading My Inner Voice: “This Is Awkward”


Dale Kline is not your average teenager

Published on Thursday, June 23, 2011 - The Montgomery Sentinel print[PDF] || online Recent graduate of Richard Montgomery High School, 17-year-old Dale Kline is not your average teenager. For one, she has a strong passion for ceramics, and unlike any 17-year-old, she gets excited about shipments of glaze and can be found hanging out in … Continue reading Dale Kline is not your average teenager