About Gina

All my opinions and photographs are my own, unless otherwise noted. These are my own words and not the opinions or endorsements of my employers, past and present.


It’s not Bushwick without some kind of endearing graffiti in the background…

Why, hello there. Thanks for visiting. Hope you’re enjoying yourself here.

Who am I? My name is Gina. I’m a recent graduate with an M.A. in sociology from the New School for Social Research where I spent two years exploring issues affecting education and low-income families. My most challenging and rewarding accomplishment was a semester-long project for my interviewing methods course called, “Perceptions of Discipline: How Teachers Understand, Interpret and Practice School Discipline” (unpublished). I spoke with 10 New York City-based teachers about school discipline, to what degree they follow discipline protocols in their schools, support from school leadership, and teacher training programs.

Other course papers include explorations of dress codes and identity making, schools and the social construction of reality, and the political economy of the teaching profession.

While pursuing my M.A., I also worked part-time as a graduate student assistant in the Dean’s Office for an ama—-zing woman whose infectious excitement and energy never fails to put you in a better mood. In addition to talking about life, I managed NSSR’s Facebook and Twitter channels. I also helped create a blog, Social Research Matters. Plus other little projects.

Other fun little facts about me:
★ Before starting grad school, I was at Education Week, a weekly, K-12-focused newspaper based in Bethesda, Maryland. I started out as an intern on the online news team, was hired as an online news producer, and then as a social media coordinator. When I moved to New York City for grad school, I moved back into an online news production role and helped with various projects. I left Ed Week in February 2016. 😢 I miss the team.

★ I have a B.A. in journalism. I did some freelance work.

★ Was raised on a military base overseas, ✈️ moved to Maryland, 🚚 then moved to New York City.

★ I have another blog dedicated to bicycle adventures. Occasionally I’ll write about transportation and other urban environment-type things.

★ Photography is a hobby of mine, and you can find my photos on Flickr. And Instagram.

Comments are welcome.


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