Ride Report: 718c Micro Tour 3

SUNSCREEN. Don’t knock it.

If Micro Tour 2 was lush wonderland with green canopy providing cover from the harsh sun, Micro Tour 3 was its opposite: a beautiful ride under an unobstructed blanket of UV rays penetrating the Earth’s surface, and the breeze the only reprieve from the unceasing heat of the sun. The end result? Getting sun-baked as fuck and suffering varying degrees of sun burns and sun rashes.

But I digress. This isn’t about how badly sunburned we were. This is about Micro Tour 3 to Floyd Bennett Field!

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Ride Report: 718c Micro Tour 2

I was going to sit out Micro Tour 2 and give my legs time to recover. A week out from the ride date, I succumbed to Joy and Happiness, and signed up for the ride. It was literally two weeks after MT1 to Rhinebeck. What am I doing with myself?

I’ve made a huge mistake. Again.

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