the morning routine

Five on the dot. Anticipating the melodic overture of the alarm, I lay with eyes open. The alarm chimes. No snooze button for this gal!

Out of bed, I begin my morning stretches. Definitely yoga-inspired, but not quite yoga. Then water. Then coffee. As that percolates, the arduous task that sets the tone for the day: breakfast.

Nothing extravagant. Maybe an acai smoothie bowl with a lovely sprinkle of oats, kiwi, blackberries and agave.

That would be the fancy pants version of my morning. That’s also a crude picture of how I imagine “highly successful” people start their days. Listicles about the habits of highly successful people or habits to be productive or this or that abound. Like this one… everyone wakes up before 6 a.m.

I remember when I used to wake up at 4:30 a.m. every day in order to catch the school bus at 5:30.

Now? I don’t wake up as early, but rarely do I ever sleep past 8:30 a.m. (Unless it was a crazy or late night the previous day, or I’m sick.)

So what is my morning routine? Why should you care?

To answer the second question: you probably don’t care, and won’t care. The only thing you’ll likely get from reading this is a moment of calm, unembarrassed epiphany that you are normal. Someone out in the world is just like you, and all those lists on the Internet telling you what super successful people do may not actually work for you.

To answer the first question: My routine is nothing special, and partly because of the habits from my childhood, it’s not really anything I have put much thought into. I wake up early. Or earlier than most people I know.

In general, my mornings start like this:
8 a.m. | Wake up, turn alarm off (if it goes off – sometimes I wake up before the alarm).

Within about 5 minutes, I’ll get up and do stretches of some form. Kind of like the morning calisthenics the Japanese do, but without the music. (Aside: I remember doing these in preschool.)

8:30 a.m. | I’m usually in the kitchen by this point, deciding what to make for breakfast.

Breakfast for any time of day. Frittata. #castiron #photoaday #hailmary [1-3-16/13:15]

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Breakfast isn’t just a routine for me. It’s also a kind of ritual. It has a meditative quality to it that sets the tone for the rest of day. The creative part of breakfast-making gets my brain going and, typically, if I don’t screw up breakfast, that’s a sign of a good day.

Omelettes are a great indicator for the type of day you’ll have. A successful omelette = a good day. A crappy omelette = you’ll likely have a tough day.

And it just goes on from there. Every day. Predicted by the outcome of your egg dish.

The links are from, yes, but that was intentional since I was pointing to the plethora of things written about successful people by people. Not experts of any kind.

Today’s post was inspired by a prompt from One Month Writing Prompts: Write, in detail, your morning routine […] What does your morning look like?


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