Week in Reads – Jan. 15

Inbox & the Web

crime & justice: Solitary confinement of juveniles is overused in Nebraska juvenile detention centers, according to a report by the ACLU-Nebraska. The mirroring of juvenile justice with the adult criminal system is questionable, and is indicative of the mainstream ideology of how we deal with the issue of juvenile acts labeled as criminal or event deviant. It goes without saying that juveniles aren’t adults, yet our institutions prefer to take the big stick approach, ignoring vital research done in the field of adolescent development that could inform juvenile detention and rehabilitation policies.

education: World-schooling is a new concept for me, but the idea of a student-driven learning process is something I’ve been attracted. Textbooks and worksheets are okay (I think… I never liked them though and never got anything out of them), but I like the idea that there are infinite learning opportunities in the world.

The drive is on, and it’s making us sick.

The Hard stuff

Ghetto Schooling: The Political Economy of Urban Education Reform by Jean Anyon
City Kids City Schools: More Reports from the Front Row edited by W. Ayers, G. Ladson-Billings, B. Michie, and P. Noguera
Capitalism & Modern Social Theory by Anthony Giddens
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami


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