Week in Reads – Birthday Week Ed.

Woo. How crazy has it been for you the last two weeks? First Chrimstas. Then New Years. It probably stops there for you, right? Unless, of course, you’re one of the lucky few who also have a birthday at the beginning of the year. Hey-o! 🎂

Inbox & the Web

Bike adventures. Nuff said.

Politics: Liza Featherstone makes the case for why we shouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton. I have some minor thoughts about this, but present this without comment (for the most part).

Debates. More debates! Former labor secretary Robert Reich is arguing for more debates. I have to agree with this, and a better schedule particularly for the Democratic debates. Air time shouldn’t be subverted by the GOP debates because they have more candidates on stage. The way the debates are presented really shows how the people are scripted into particular ways of thinking.

The hard stuff

Judging School Discipline by Richard Arum


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