Inspiration From Unexpected Places

So long 2015. The last few days have been wonderful as I sat on the firm Ikea couch thinking about my life. Let’s take a quick stroll down memory lane, shall we?

For starters, there was that thing called snow this time last year. I pretty much got the workout of my life every day I stepped out of the apartment into the mound of snow. My winter fitness outlook so far isn’t looking too good.


Remember this stuff? Yeah—
(Union Square Park)

I finished two more semesters of grad school.

The adorable, silly family beagle, Taffy, died over the summer. Even though you know your dog will eventually die, nothing actually prepares you for that moment. I miss her.

I took up a writing challenge and failed to maintain that. At least I tried. I found Trivia. I took up a reading challenge… though the challenge generally is just to read more. I was also told the other day to read more fiction because I don’t read enough fiction. There was Thanksgiving. Then Christmas. My parents announced they are leaving Japan after over 25 years of living there.

Coney Island Ride

My first ride out to Coney Island

I was a bit more adventurous on the bike in 2015. Rode around without a helmet. Visited new sites. Rode 55-or-so miles in the 26th annual NYC Century ride. Six hours of straight up riding guys. Mmmuah That’s a beauty. I’m ready to do that and more in 2016.

That’s the year in a nutshell. Two thousand and fifteen was a relatively quiet year, but I’ve got plans for 2016.

What are they, you ask?

Well, I don’t have details but the last few weeks of December I came across some unexpected sources of inspiration that got me thinking about things.

While I worked furiously on my term papers, I distracted myself here and there with episodes of Action Bronson on Munchies’ Fuck, That’s Delicious, and Eddie Huang on Huan’s World. Aside from how outrageous the shows are (phenomenal cursing and pot smoking), I realized that there was something missing in the way I experienced food (and by proxy, culture).

I really love food and what’s great about watching Bronson and Huang talk about and eat all that food is the unapologetic way in which they experience and enjoy their food. I love Anthony Bourdain, but Bronson and Huang have a realness about them that doesn’t feel out of reach. I guess relatable is the word I’m looking for.

I also came across this article and video of a German man who just returned home after biking around the world for the last 50 years. I was so enamored by this that M said I idolized this man and what he accomplished. Fuck yeah, I do. He is the epitome of “experience,” which is something I resolved to pay more attention to in 2016.

In food, culture, and life. The goal will be to seek out experiences and have a new outlook on things.

Let’s adventure together.

🌄 🚲 🍳

Bonus: One of the most ridiculous episodes of Fuck, That’s Delicious:


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