A Week in Reads: New Year’s Ed.

First Christmas, now New Year’s! Happy 2016 ya filthy animals. (I agree, it doesn’t have that ring to it.)

Here’s a list of things I’ve come across on the wonderful world wide web. What have you read this week?

Inbox & the Web

This is a podcast. No reading involved. It’s worth a listen if you’re into education and race like I am. Hosted by the ever-amazing Ira Glass, the segment, The Problem We All Live With, looks at the issue of school integration. As Nikole Hannah-Jones points out, it seems that part of the solution to the problem of failing schools is something that’s hardly considered as a possible solution: integration.

Women, prisons, and inhumane conditions. The Miami Herald investigates Lowell Correctional Facility in Florida—the largest women’s prison in the U.S.—and the horrid treatment of the many inmates who end up here.

Bikes: This appears to be a cool contraption. I like that the design was built with wider application in mind.

The bike is my passport.

More bikes: This German man has been riding his bike around the world for the past 50 years. I don’t think I’ve ever read about or know anyone who I idolize more than this man. Here’s a quick video too.

Random: I watched Action Bronson’s hilariously vulgar “Fuck, That’s Delicious.” He is an amazing human being. Also, I want tuna poke now.

I’m feeling very Jaimie Oliver right now.


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