Week in Reads – Jan. 22

This week has been a doozy, no? New York City finally got some snow this week, which is nice. And Jonas is on its way.

Inbox & the Web

Video: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

New York City & Bikes: From my favorite resident cyclist, Brooklyn Spoke on what Vision Zero is about, very briefly. hint: design.


It’s a short reading week. Next week will probably be the same as I prepare for my MA exam. February is basically the beginning of the new year for me.

Week in Reads – Jan. 15

Inbox & the Web

crime & justice: Solitary confinement of juveniles is overused in Nebraska juvenile detention centers, according to a report by the ACLU-Nebraska. The mirroring of juvenile justice with the adult criminal system is questionable, and is indicative of the mainstream ideology of how we deal with the issue of juvenile acts labeled as criminal or event deviant. It goes without saying that juveniles aren’t adults, yet our institutions prefer to take the big stick approach, ignoring vital research done in the field of adolescent development that could inform juvenile detention and rehabilitation policies.

education: World-schooling is a new concept for me, but the idea of a student-driven learning process is something I’ve been attracted. Textbooks and worksheets are okay (I think… I never liked them though and never got anything out of them), but I like the idea that there are infinite learning opportunities in the world.

The drive is on, and it’s making us sick.

The Hard stuff

Ghetto Schooling: The Political Economy of Urban Education Reform by Jean Anyon
City Kids City Schools: More Reports from the Front Row edited by W. Ayers, G. Ladson-Billings, B. Michie, and P. Noguera
Capitalism & Modern Social Theory by Anthony Giddens
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami

On the Eve of a New Year

I was caught by surprise at first. I thought about it, but no amount of thinking would help me remember the discussion.

“Remember? You were there when we talked about this,” he said.

“Was I? I Don’t remember this conversation at all. Maybe I was within earshot but not part of the actual discussion?” I replied.

I really couldn’t remember, but apparently we had New Year’s Eve plans. I was caught by surprise. I always think I have plans, but I never really do. New Year’s Eve plans make me anxious. For my own sanity and comfort, I always preferred low-key stuff like staying up and watching movies until midnight. Continue reading →

Photo a Day Project

Not a sociological post in any way. Or maybe it can be? Either way.

I decided I’m going to start a new project where I photograph something once a day. I have my writing project. I have my reading project. What’s another project to add?

Some of the photos will be looking top-down, also known as the “Hail Mary.” Some won’t. Depends on my mood, time, and place of the shots. This should be fun.

I made an easily accessible album for it on my Flickr so you can follow along.

Cheers. 📷