A Week in Reads (Dec. 25)

Revisiting the weekly bit of sharing some good reads I’ve come across on the Internet. Why? It’s fun. Also- Merry Christmas ya filthy animals.

What’s been on your radar this week?

Inbox & the Web
In the rush to get kids “kindergarten” ready (i.e. Common-Core ready), pre-K-aged kids are suffering, according to this article. As I’m reading this, I can’t help but notice how this push towards making sure our youngest learners are already world-ready is negatively impacting poor and students of color (not to mention students with special needs). Children whose families can afford the extra books, the extra time to read to them, and other activities to increase their learning potential are at a better advantage than poor and underserved families. No Head Start program will fix that, and it’ll be interesting to see how this type of Kindergarten impacts minority students and students with special needs.

In other edu-related news: The New School’s Center for New York City Affairs came out with a report that sheds some light on why the city’s elementary schools remain highly segregated, even in neighborhoods that are racially mixed. (Also read here, and here.) Lots of folks in the Big Apple like to complain about gentrification, and it’s been often assumed that school segregation is a consequence of where people live. This report suggests that it’s a bit more complicated than that.

More edu-related news: If you missed out on some key stories, Education Week has their list of Top 10 Stories from 2015. Catch up.

The Hard Stuff
Judging School Discipline: The Crisis of Moral Authority by Richard Arum, Richard Pitt

Alternatively: my list of books I’m currently reading (i.e. I started the books in some fashion and reading like I’ve never read before).


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