Another 30 days, another recap on writing

I have a feeling these “30 days later” briefs will become a recurring thing.

It’s been almost a month since I last wrote a 30-day “update” of sorts on the progress of the self-inflicted writing challenge.

Sad to say, I’ve returned to the old patterns of neglecting the writing. Or, I should say, drafting blog posts and publishing them to the public. (I am writing. semantics?)


This semester has found me, from Day 1, dancing and sloshing (?) around in books and papers and projects and proposals. Basically, I’ve been in my head, and trying to put in some hours at work to make some money. There’s always this lingering feeling that I need to post something (like my NYC Century write-up that has yet to be done…), but inevitably, school work hogs the space.

Prioritizing course work may not be a bad thing, but I’ve come to wonder if not sitting down and drafting a post for you, readers, is a way of not attending to my well-being.

The fuel.

Writing and blogging and ruminating on the things of life aren’t just nilly little time sinks. They do have value for the development of one’s self. I think I’ve answered my non-question, here. There appears to be a need for balance, yet I have not mastered it, or I have developed a weird anxiety of what needs to get done versus what it is I want to do it.

‘Til the next 30 days.


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