A night of trivia

Went to my first NYC bar trivia last night in East Village. I’ve only been to one other trivia in Bethesda, Md., but this one was the best one.

My team tied for 10th place, which isn’t bad considering there were about 30 teams playing.

There were lots of these consumed last night. Every one of them appeared to be perfect pours.

That’s a lot of teams. There were a lot of drinks and food. There were five rounds, and prizes to be had (books).

I was never good at trivia. Back in Maryland I rarely “participated.” I sat at the table. I took in the atmosphere. I watched everyone wrack their brains to remember that one random fact they “knew.”

Last night was different, and it probably helped that I was able to get my buddy A to come along. Everyone had their weaknesses and strengths. I’m embarrassed to say that I should know my journalism-related trivia better.


But A and I were proud to know what WHIP stood for. Neither of us are hard core baseball fans, let alone sports fans.

There were five rounds. The first was a “this day in history” which was a lot of fun because I had briefly read some stuff for that day. What good that did. I couldn’t remember the name of the field the Cincinnati Reds and Brooklyn Dodgers played in 1939.

The second round was the music round. I learned that I need to start paying more attention to artist and band names.

Third round was based on the theme of demons and demonic things. Fourth round was acronyms. The fifth and final round was categories. That one was a doozy.

I need to start reading more random things for next week’s trivia.


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