Sights & Skylines of NYC – a photo gallery

Testing out this new “Mesh” thing that the folks at WordPress are experimenting with.

It’s still in the early stages, so there are a few things that need to be fixed but so far, it’s been good on Firefox.

Some things I’m not particularly enjoying about this:

  • panoramas get cropped so you end up missing the full experience of the image.
  • the embedded gallery crops all the photos, so unless you view it in full screen mode, again, you’re missing out on the full experience of the image.
  • captions – supposedly we can add them to each photo but that option doesn’t exist (while using it in Firefox – haven’t tested it out elsewhere).

That’s all I have so far on mesh.

Here’s an example of a mesh card I made – per this week’s Daily Post photo challenge prompt: “Today Was a Good Day.” While it’s not a narrative of what a single “good day” looks like, these images showcase single moments in various good days.

If you click on the photos, it’ll “zoom out” so to speak so you can see the full image. Then you can use your ← → arrows to navigate. The panorama of the beach is still cropped so you’re missing the full spectrum.



  1. I’m still learning how Mesh works after creating my first gallery by checking out how others have used it. Viewed on my iPhone, you can see the panorama. I cropped all my pictures square but they are appearing as portraits and landscapes, depending on what you use to view it.


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  3. I tried the Mesh, too, and had some issues with cropping. Your photos look spectacular in full screen view! I particularly like the black and whites on the water.


    1. Thanks for the comment! I’m glad you liked the photos. Hopefully the cropping issue gets resolved because it really does take away from the photos. But the idea of being able to use this tool seems promising for future, photo-heavy posts.


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