Perpetual Sweat

Holy, in-what-sane-universe is it allowed to get this hot in the NYC subway system?

Subway Car

Air conditioning, yes. But don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s a reprieve.
Photo: Geoff Stearns|Flickr

While it’s hot biking in the city this time of year, I much prefer taking a beating from the sun than the incessant sweating my body is subjected to in the underbelly of the Big Apple. At least my sweating appears to have a bigger purpose when I’m on the bike. In the subway it’s like “wow, look at all this fluid seeping from my pores. I did not know I could actually sweat this much!”

Luckily the subway-subjection was only for the last week or so due to running around finding a new apartment for three. Post-move it’s all about the bike. I’m done employing spy-like self-smelling to make sure I’m not the one that smells like a sour gym bag (yeah, I said it).

I’ve always looked upon the women in DC and NYC who don’t appear to suffer from the summer temperatures with a kind of awe. How are you looking so refreshed and not sweaty?

But then I started to realize that EVERYONE is sweating their asses. No one can escape the misery of the heat trap that is the subway system. Sweat beads may not be visible on everyone’s faces, but you can only imagine the sweat rolling down the small of people’s backs.

Have people suffered heat stroke just from waiting for a train?

This doesn’t answer my question, but could be revealing: The hottest subway stations in the city, coincidentally measured on the hottest day of the year so far.



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