On writing more: a self challenge

With good intentions I have, for quite awhile now, aspired to be one of those prolific bloggers. A storyteller, a narrator, a learner of the world I inhabit. Of course, if you’re a regular reader of my thoughts (though I serious doubt the reach of my writings), you probably have noticed that I start almost every post lamenting the lack of blogger discipline.

It’s sad and, probably goes without saying, unnecessary.

Just as I live to collect books with the intent of reading them, it’s much easier to be distracted and convince myself that I don’t really want to write, that I don’t really want to read.

Hogwash, I know. Which is why I find others’ posts about writing so (falsely?) inspiring.

No sniveling. Writing must continue.

No sniveling. Writing must continue.

In that weird way it renews a fire, a motivation to get my ass going and write regularly. Even on days where the Muse is missing. After all, writing isn’t easy, right? right.

In some ways, the fact that I don’t commit to regularly writing, even with a degree in journalism and my current pursuit of a PhD is abysmal.

But after reading this post on Medium about writing 750 words every day for 100 days, then another post by the same author on reading 52 books in 52 weeks, I realized I need to get my shit together.

And in a new resolve I am retaking this challenge to write, or in the very least, post something everyday. This includes photos or just quotes, though I’m hoping with the Daily Post on my side, I’ll have enough prompts and inspiration to get a post up everyday by midnight.

It’s an ambitious challenge, but with my second year of grad school coming up (and everything else with it) I should have thoughts on something each day.

So here’s to the fun and tears and regrets that is my self-inflicted writing challenge, to begin Aug. 1. (and that I have mobile app means I have no excuse).


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