Serenity is…

Back in early December when I was prepping my suitcase for the month-and-a-half winter break, January 25 seemed so far away then. I’m now down to my last few days in Maryland before heading back up to New York City for my second semester of grad school.

snow The break was much-needed, though perhaps it was much slower than I desired at some points.

Calvert County moves at a much slower pace than New York City, bringing out a slight anxiety within me. I mostly got over the daily feeling of anxiety, appreciating the slowness of the day. And the lateness of the day.

Where my days generally start around 7 or 8 a.m., the “day” here starts much later. It has been a strange experience to think that four hours have passed, but really it’s only been one. When I get back to the city, this will definitely change to a feeling of losing time.

But none of those thoughts. Just yet.

Right now, we think about the relaxing, slow, peaceful moments. The serenity that is a house, on a hill, overlooking a field and some woods.

Serenity is looking up at the dark sky and immediately finding Orion’s belt and straining my eyes to find Comet Lovejoy.

Liza on a morning walk

Liza on a morning walk

It’s freezing our asses off to align the telescope so we can see Jupiter and her beautiful moons.

It’s watching the snow fall, covering the yard bit by bit until no more green is visible.

It’s taking the dog out every morning and breathing in the fresh air.

It’s knowing that today’s a new day and you’ll conquer it.

Learning about yourself during those moments where your mind isn’t bombarded with random thoughts.

Serenity is…


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