Serenity is…

Back in early December when I was prepping my suitcase for the month-and-a-half winter break, January 25 seemed so far away then. I’m now down to my last few days in Maryland before heading back up to New York City for my second semester of grad school. Continue reading →

In the Shadows

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I recently went and saw The Babadook, the Australian psychothriller of a horror movie directed by Jennifer Kent.

It’s not your easy-peasy throw-away horror movie with jumps that make you piss your pants or projectile vomit your pre-movie dinner, but it is terrifying. Continue reading →

New Year, New Hopes, New Dreams

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December 31 is generally the day we gear up for evening festivities—whether they be low key or all-out crazy—and come the stroke of midnight, a new year begins.

new day, new smell, new outlook on each and every day (tangentially related to the post you’re reading)

New year, new you. New year, new promises made to be broken. New year, new dreams and hopes of a better person. Continue reading →