Stuffing My Face in NYC: Village Natural

Sounds uninteresting, if not more like a health store focused on bath and beauty products instead of food.

But it’s all food at this place in Greenwich Village, nestled cozily under Greenwich Treehouse, another establishment I visited the same night but will hold off on writing about—for now.

The meatless, all-vegetarian Village Natural is on Greenwich Avenue, between Perry and Charles streets for those interested in checking it out.

It wasn’t a place my new friends and I had planned to go to. We were actually going to the Treehouse but we were all hungry so ended up staying for almost two hours, stuffing our faces with vegetarian and vegan fare before going up the stairs.

For a vegetarian-vegan place, it wasn’t too bad. A bit pricey, but then again, everything in New York City is pricey to a poor grad student. All our dishes were about the same price, and split evenly, we all paid about $15 per dish. But they weren’t dainty portions, so maybe the price is right.

I got some BBQ tofu dish with rice and steamed vegetables. For a vegetarian dish in a moment of hunger, the dish wasn’t bad. But in a weird way, it wasn’t all that satisfying. But that may be an issue with my personal preferences and not necessarily the food itself.

The tofu was fairly good; glazed nicely. But if I were to be completely honest, I didn’t think my dish was all that special. The flavors weren’t anything spectacular, but it wasn’t outright bland either.

If you’re hungry, and you’re vegetarian, and you’re not looking for anything too fancy, this will probably tie you over.

If I could eat pasta, I probably would’ve gotten the “wheat-ball” spaghetti. That smelled and looked might tasty. Not sure if it was, though judging by the empty plates of my friends, it may have been.

The place wasn’t busy at all, considering we went during “dinner time.” But it was only a Wednesday night, so maybe they see more traffic later in the week.

The staff is nice and polite. The decor isn’t anything special either. It gives off the vibe of an Asian restaurant, which, in a way it is, but at the same time, it’s not in your face Asian.

The whole thing is just uninteresting. But if you’re about to get plastered at the bar upstairs, that may not matter.


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