Stuffing My Face in NYC: Las Lunitas in Brooklyn

One of the cool things about living in Brooklyn is that there is no shortage of food joints to walk into and try out. (Except, if you’re close to, or flat out broke, this could be tricky. In which case all your money will just go towards the local coffee shops.)

Anyway, before I get a buzz just from thinking about caffeinated liquid gold, the food…

One of the first places Matt and I checked out during the weekend of my move was a place called Las Lunitas. It’s on Stanhope Street, at Knickerbocker Avenue for those interested in checking it out.

I don’t have any awkward foodgrams because the idea of writing about eating my through Brooklyn, and the rest of NYC, didn’t occur to me until the weekend was over (fail).

But Yelp reviewers offer a pretty stellar collection of what the food looks like, if you want to take a gander at those.

We stumbled upon this place randomly; just walking along Knickerbocker and seeing the street sign. Curious, and mostly just hungry, we decided to try it out.

It was pretty good.

Aside from what looked like the owner’s family, Matt and I were the only ones in the restaurant. A few people came in off the street to watch some soccer on the big screen, but no other diners. Not sure if this is normal for this place, but Matt and I were there on the earlier end of supper time.

With the soft lights and dark wood interiors, the inside seemed a bit dark. The wait staff and (who I’m assuming was) the owner were very friendly. Matt and I think the waitress just started; but we weren’t foolin’ the owner. She seemed like one of those women who knew everyone in the area, and I think she could tell we weren’t “regulars” of the neighborhood.

Google streetview of Las Lunitas Restaurant.

Google streetview of Las Lunitas Restaurant.

Matt ordered the chicken rolatini, and I got the chicken marsala.

Not sure how the rolatini was, but the marsala was pretty good. It had a nice fatty taste to it, like a French dish. It was rich, but not too rich. The portion was just right too, and when we left, we both had very satisfied bellies.

We even got a coffee cake on the house. I couldn’t eat the cake itself, but the icing was delicious. Not too sweet, but enough to let you know that you were eating a dessert.

The pricing didn’t seem outlandish for two people, and I’ll probably be back some time in the future.


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