A Happy 4th

Happy 4th everyone! (or I guess at this point, it’s happy post-fourth?)

I hope everyone had a boisteriously awesome ‘Murica Day. I know I sure did. In fact, this 4th of July, and the weekend as a whole was by far the best I’ve experienced in quite a while.

We lost power on July 4th at around 10:30 a.m. but that didn’t stop us.

We had plans to meet up Sarah and gang for some Independence Day jubilations but before that, Matt and I caught the Germany-France game at a nice place on 14th Street called Diego. After a few drinks and chips and salsa, and Germany beating France for the semifinals, we went for a nice stroll down 14th Street, picked up a nice caffeinated beverage, then strolled back up 15th, towards Chapin Street.

July 4 2014

The happy bunch on 4th of July.

Chips, dip, carrot sticks and celery sticks. Cheese slices and crackers. Berry-infused, vodka-laced homemade punch (very good by the way), and lots of it. We made our way over to Meridian Hill park, and kicked the soccer ball around, threw the football for a bit, even had a wiffle ball, frisbee, croquet, all the while inconspicuously drinking Sarah’s secret punch that looks like Sprite.

Later in the evening we had apartment-appropriate burgers and hot dogs, with the help of two small George Foremans. Drank more punch, watched the fireworks displays across the skyline, ate some concoction of brownies/icecream/whipcream/berries that would make anyone’s stomach stupidly happy.

Then we watched the neighbors set off some fireworks one street over. Any moment, those sparkles could hit the buildings nearby. While it wouldn’t have been pleasant, I was hoping that one of the buildings would get hit, just to see the chaos ensue.

Thanks Sarah and Evan for hosting an awesome afternoon!

photo taken by Sarah’s friend, Prateek


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