New High School Sports Network Planned for Coming School Year

Published June 27 2013 | Schooled in Sports/Education Week


In a joint venture, PlayOn! Sports and the National Federation of State High School Associations will launch the NFHS Network. Its goal is broadcast every boy’s and girl’s sporting event from football and basketball, to bowling and water polo.

Educational Quality Pushed for Developing World

Published March 27, 2013 | Education Week


UNESCO, along with the government of Senegal and other aid organizations, convened in Dakar to discuss how to further advance the “education for all” agenda adopted by world leaders in 2000. The Millennium Development Goal, set to expire in 2015, was adopted in 2000 with an emphasis on providing universal access to primary education.

Storify: Parents Taking Assertive Stance in Children’s Education

Published June 6, 2013 | K-12 Parents and the Public/Education Week


The response to recent school closings in Chicago illustrates some of the ways parents are asserting themselves in their children’s education, as highlighted in this Education Week Storify.