When the Work Starts to Kill You

When I was an undergrad, I knew a career in journalism would likely result in a terrible work-life balance. At least in the beginning but the worst instance of this is happening now, as a communications person for an educational non-profit in Manhattan. It feels worse than when I was working on my master’s degree. I’ve suffered from noticeable body aches, where the pain is concentrated in my lower back, and experienced chronic headaches that last for days. I can feel my body breaking down, and these are the days I don’t want to get up for work. And I’m not alone. Continue reading →


What I Learned Making Thanksgiving Dinner

“Do you want traditional Thanksgiving or subversive Thanksgiving dinner?”

I was intrigued. This was the first Thanksgiving M and I weren’t traveling. I assumed we were going to do some adaptation of the traditional dinner — like turkey tacos or sandwiches or burgers — but that question made me pause.

Why should we do a traditional dinner? Continue reading →

A Trip Down Memory Lane: College Edition, Part 2

Previously: None of this is a good approach on how to go to college after high school. None of it. And this was only a sliver of the problems I experienced as an undergraduate, living thousands of miles away from the nearest family member, in a completely different time zone and country from immediate family.…

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Women’s 100

Last month, I had the opportunity to ride with a group of awesome bike ladies from WEbike NYC. I don’t hang out with them as often as I should, but I’ve never felt disappointed after going on a ride with them. I’m not a social butterfly. The idea of meeting up with a bunch of strangers for a bike ride is somewhat anxiety-inducing, but in the end, I’m always happy I go. I haven’t quite made any strong friendships but that’s a reason in itself for to get off my ass and get (bike) social. Continue reading →


6:30 a.m. Sometimes 7. Maybe 7:30, if I’m feeling especially lazy. Regardless, by half past seven, I’m awake. Bleary-eyed, I get up willing my body to catch up with my brain (or is it the other way around?). Breakfast. Grab bag. Check train status. By 8:15 I’m out the door.

Repeat, Monday through Friday.

The rest of the day isn’t any more interesting. Usually. Continue reading →